CIP Team was presented today at a awesome place, the Pope’s Palace, an historical palace in Avignon, southern France, one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe.
Team Owner Alain Bronec, riders Tatsuki Suzuki and Remy Gardner and the technical staff have been presented in a short ceremony at the Salle du Conclave. During the ceremony, new team image was unveiled with the new Mahindra bikes that Suzuki and Gardner will ride as rookies at the Moto3 World Championship.
Among the guests of the ceremony there were sponsors, media, friends and VIP’s. All of them enjoyed the historical place and supported the whole team in the beginning of his new competitive adventure.

Alain Bronec (Team Owner): “We look forward this new season whith a lot of enthusiasm and passion. Both young riders Tatsuki and Remy are very talented and I’m sure that they will work a lot and learn very fast in their rookie’s season. Mahindra bikes are really competitive and our technical staff is experienced and has already demonstrated his capability. I want to thank all of our sponsors because their support and commitment will drive us to do our best in every test, practice and race trying to deserve their trust.”

2 # Remy Gardner: “Being the son of Wayne Gardner should put a lot of pressure on my shoulders but the effect is the opposite one because my father help me a lot whit his experience allowing me to make my own way when I’m at the tracks. For sure I still need to learn a lot of things in terms of understand my new bike and get the maximum possible experience but the team is helping me a lot. I’m looking forward the first Grand Prix at Qatar”.

24 # Tatsuki Suzuki: “I am very happy to be a member of this team and his 2015 project. This will be my first season at the Moto3 World Championship and my first goal is to improve and learn as much as possible every time and everywhere to be competitive at every race. CIP is a great team and above all, we are a great family. I’ve already ride for this team last season at the Spanish Championship and know them very well. It’s because this reason that I believe that I’m a lucky boy and will do my best to reward the entire team work and the sponsors’ confidence”.

CIP Press Service.