Remy Gardner and Tatsuki Suzuki officially started the pre-season tests of the year after the snowfall at Alcarràs last week when snow frustrated the first pre-season test alongside the other Mahindra riders.

DAY ONE 10/02/2015

At the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia, Australian and Japanese have been testing with other 30 rivals at de Moto3 World Championship. The CIP riders rode their new bikes for the first time spending most of the time adapting and making small settings.

After two minor crashes, Tatsuki Suzuki set a best lap time only 1.3 seconds slower than the fastest man of the day (Fabio Quartararo). Remy Gardner has improved his lap times during the whole day being 2.4 seconds ahead the best lap of Quartararo.

2 # Remy Gardner (1’40.698): “Finish the day less than two seconds and a half behind the leader is not so bad, but lap times were not in my plans today because I’ve been spending the three practice sessions adapting to the new Mahindra. It’s just the first day of our first pre-season test and I have a lot of work to do in terms of setting my new bike and understand it perfectly”.

24 # Tatsuki Suzuki (1’41.869): “I’m quite happy with my performance because all the riders’ times are very close. Our goal for today was just start riding our new bikes and try to adapt to them as soon as possible. Provably I’ve tried it too fast and the result has been those two crashes. But I’m OK from the physical point of view and ready to continue working and improving tomorrow”.

DAY TWO 11/02/2015

Rain and low temperatures were the stars at the second working day of the Moto3 Valencia pre-season test with only nine riders on track during the three sessions.

Despite bad track conditions Tatsuki Suzuki and Remy Gardner went out of the CIP pit box for practice. Japanese did it for first and second session and Australian only for the second one. The goal was to get more experience with the new Mahindra in wet and rain conditions.

Suzuki completed 17 laps (6+11) and Gardner 20. Both of them made a good progress.

2 # Remy Gardner (1’56.030): “We decided to practice only at the second session because the bad weather conditions but for me it’s been very useful because I need to adapt to my new bike in all situations. Lap times were not our goal today and from this point of view, I’m quite satisfied”.

24 # Tatsuki Suzuki (1’54.734): “Practice today has been very useful because we need to understand the bike and get the maximum experience in wet and rain conditions. For sure, at this early stage of the preseason tests we need the best possible track conditions but will face this situation during the season and must adapt to them”.

DAY THREE 12/02/2015

Rain and wet ruined again the third and last testing day at Ricardo Tormo Circuit of Valencia. From morning till evening track has not been in good condition and just few riders decided to ride their bikes.

Among this small group of Moto3 riders CIP teammates have tried to ride for some laps. Remy Gardner ride 9 laps at the first session but at the beginning of the second one Tatsuki Suzuki and other riders crashed because there was oil on the track and red flag ended the practice.

Due to the bad weather conditions team and riders decided to end this test before the third session and wait for the next one at Jerez (from February the 17th to 19th).

Alain Bronec (Team Owner): “It’s been not so easy days for test here at Valencia because the weather. Due to the fact that we have new Mahindra bikes to test and young riders who need to get the maximum experience during this first  pre-season testing as a permanent Moto3 riders, this situation don’t help us so much but on the other side I can say that Tatsuki and Remy know Valencia’s tracks absolutely well from last season and both of them and the whole team used this practices as a reference about riding and working in rain and wet condition. Technicians and riders understand know the new bikes much better than before the test and this is useful for us. Let’s wait and see what happens in Jerez next week”.