Bad weather blamed the first 2015 preseason test for CIP Moto and the whole Mahindra official teams at Alcarràs. Snow has been special guest at de Spanish circuit place close to Lleida in a complicate day for the region.

Track turned the black tarmac into the white snow just for both days and riders and mechanics spent their time doing different things but not riding or setting up the brand new bikes provided by Mahindra. On Thursday, weather improved just a bit but there were some ice packs at some corners and the whole time decided not test.

Alain Bronec (Team Owner): “This was not a properly preseason test but the first step to start bikes, check everything and adjust the basic settings. It’s because this reason that weather conditions have not made us lose a great opportunity in terms of reach a good pace, lap times or something similar. On the other side, technicians, mechanics and riders had live in a great atmosphere for first time meeting all together for a very first time”.

 Next preseason appointment will be at Valencia’s Circuit on February 8th, 9th and 10th.

CIP Press Service